Jet Ski Licence Course

So you wanna ride a Personal Watercraft (PWC)? No kidding! Straddle one of these animals and it's pretty hard to shake the bug. This course will earn you the rights to the thrills you seek...

Online Video Theory Course

Short weekend prac in Redcliffe

Small, supportive classes



  • Cost: $150
  • Practical: 1.5 hr
  • Online: 1.5 hr
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PWC Course Overview

The personal watercraft (PWC) or jet ski licence course covers the essential knowledge and practical skills to acquire your Qld PWC licence, but just as importantly, to ensure you can operate a jet ski safely and enjoy your marine machine for many years to come!


Because a jet ski is a power boat (albeit a fast and very cool boat), to get your PWC licence you must either:

  • already hold a Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Power Boat Licence), OR
  • complete the combined boat and jet ski licence course ($250 – Save $50)

Course content

The PWC licence course will cover the following topics:

  1. Planning your trip
  2. Parts of a PWC
  3. Safety equipment and pre launch checks
  4. Starting and launching your PWC
  5. Operating and manoeuvring your PWC
  6. Navigation regulations and signals
  7. Legislative requirements
  8. Responding to marine emergencies and incidents

Course Requirements

The Jet Ski/PWC licence course incorporates online video theoretical learning and online practice quiz, followed by an in-person practical training and assessment on the vessel and final multiple choice theory assessment… but there’s no need to panic! We are very patient and with only a small, supportive audience, you will master each basic element in as many attempts as you need.

When/How do I get my PWC licence?

On successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a Statement of Competency (SoC) for personal watercraft. It’s like an offical piece of paper that says you passed all the necessary theory and practical assessments, but IT’S NOT A PWC/JET SKI LICENCE.

To acquire your PWC licence, you must present your SoC at a Transport and Motoring Service Centre (better known as Qld Transport Department Office) within 6 months of issue at which time you will pay further govt. charges equal to approx. $112 per licence as at 01 July 2019 (approximately $220 for both boat and jet ski).

Again, your PWC statement of competency (SoC) is not a PWC licence or even a temporary licence. If you get pulled over by the Water Police on your jet ski with no licensed person on board and you pull out your SoC, no excuse will be good enough. You will receive a fine.

Save $50!

When you do the Boat & Jet Ski Combined Course.

Mates rates!

$10 off for 3  or more ppl

Course FAQs

Do you run courses mid-week?
Yes! Check out the booking calendar to see if there is a scheduled mid-week that’s suitable to you. If you have a group of 3 or more, we can usually accomodate a private group booking at a time you choose. Contact us >
What is the minimum age to attend this course and get your boat licence?
In Queensland, you need to be 16 year of age or over to get a Marine Driver’s Licence and PWC Licence, however… you can attend the course and be issued a Statement of Competency once you turn 15 and a half, but you will need to wait until your 16th birthday to exchange it for a licence. Make sense?
What if I fail the course?
We get asked this a lot! Relax. Our goal is to make sure you have the required knowledge and skills before you leave, so you are not likely to fail this course. We work at your pace and skill and you can have as many attempts as you need to succeed. If you get answers wrong on your theory exam, you will talk these through with you until we are confident in your understanding of the particular topic. So relax… did I say that? I meant it!
Will the course go ahead in bad weather?
The course will go ahead if it’s safe to do so. Rain doesn’t usually impact safety (maybe enjoyment), but winds do. We keep a close eye on the Moreton Bay weather forecast  and make the call by 7am on the day, based on weather predictions. If the weather turns bad while out on the vessel and safety is at risk, the session will be cut short. In any case, we will reschedule all participants at no further cost to you.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a full no-questions-asked refund for cancellations or free reschedule providing the request is made at least 2 days (48 hours) before your course. If requested within 48 hours, you may reschedule to another scheduled time at an additional cost of $50. Full cancellations within 48 hours or in case of no show, will not qualify for a refund. Please understand that we have limited spaces on our boat and often must turn others away who want your place, therefore it is not viable for us to refund for late cancellation or no show.